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Juego del Avioncito site owner

Welcome to my blog on ‘juego del avioncito’! I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts, experiences, and opinions about this traditional Mexican children’s street game.

For those not familiar with ‘juego del avioncito’, it is a simple yet creative game that is popular in many Spanish-speaking countries.

It requires just hands and imagination – no equipment necessary! The game involves usingq your arms outstretched to imitate the wings of a little airplane, running around making airplane noises.

As a child growing up in Latin America, I have fond memories of playing ‘juego del avioncito’ with friends in my neighborhood.

Although simple, I believe games like these are important for healthy child development. Not only is it fun exercise to run around wildly flapping your arms, it also promotes creativity, social interaction, coordination and more.

Through this blog I hope to explore the origins, rules, variations, and significance of ‘juego del avioncito’.

I will be sharing my personal experiences with the game, as well as highlighting global perspectives on such street games and children’s culture.

Expect posts with photos, videos, interviews with others about their relationship with ‘el juego del avioncito’, and more.

Whether you played this game as a child yourself, want to introduce it to your kids, or just have an interest in Mexican culture, I hope you will join me on this journey through my blog! Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions for topics, or to share your own ‘juego del avioncito’ stories. ¡Vamos a jugar! (Let’s play!)